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The Property of Concrete Mixing Plant

Date: May 15, 2015     Source: Concrete Machinery,Cement batching Plant

We won’t feel unfamiliar when we talk about concrete that is composed of many raw materials. Do you realize a question that which kind of machine can produce concrete? Which machine mixes these materials so evenly? The answer is concrete mixer.

Concrete mixer can not finish the task mixing materials evenly and guaranteeing concrete quality without its main devices. The first device is mixing drum. The charging and discharging devices are necessary.

Concrete mixers can be classified into many types according to different properties. Its types can be named according to working property, mixing theory, installation mode, discharging and mixing drum. Certainly, different types have different merits.

We take self-loading concrete mixer as an example. It is classified according to mixing theory. This kind of concrete mixer was developed at early time. Around at the beginning of 20th century, it appeared. We can imagine that this concrete mixer has simple structure, and the operation is quite convenient. However, it has its own limits. It mainly caters to mix plastic concrete. For hard concrete, it only can be mixed by forced concrete mixer that is developed at later time.

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