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How to Solve Problems After Concrete Mixing Plant Being Into Production

Date: Apr 14, 2015     Source: Concrete Machinery,Cement batching Plant

Some unexpected obstacles will happen after concrete mixing plant production line is formally put into production because of bigger yield strength. This passage will provide some tips to solve these problems.

1. The deviation fault phenomenon of belt in concrete mixing plant. In the process of no-load or over-load, the belt conveyor may run to slightly right or left, which causes material leakage and abnormal wear and damage. As a result, the efficiency is reduced and even it affects the normal work of the whole equipment. Why do this happen? Because the external force on the belt and itself force cannot be offset, or the uneven force of tensile stress. There are many factors leading to the run-out of rubber belt. So we should solve the problem from the conveyor design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance, etc. If the firmness on either side of the belt is not same or the height is not same, the deviation will happen.

2. Skill consideration of operators. Engineering concrete mixing plant has low requirements for operation and maintenance personnel. However, commercial concrete mixing plant has complex structures and high automation, so it is natural to have a stricter requirement for operators.

3. After operation, operators should clear out the materials and water in water tank and pipeline. The machines should also be cleaned and maintained. The work site should be cleared and cut off power supply and lock the switch box.

4. In construction of high-rise buildings in winter, warm work should be done well according to regulation. In summer, heatstroke should be prevented.

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